Post Purchase Feels

One thought on “Post Purchase Feels”

  1. Ahoy! This is Ray Devine and prior owner. We named it Ben’s Play Pen after of our grandson Ben. I can’t tell you how many single women wanted to know who Ben was! Always had a good laugh over it.
    We had a wonderful and adventurous experience with her. We Traveled more than 3000 miles, starting in Lake of the Ozarks, MO, trucking her to St. Charles, MO then motoring down the Mississippi River to the Ohio River. We then went up the Ohio river about 90 miles and locked into Kentucky Lake. Southward we traveled stopping overnight at tributaries, coves, little towns and marinas along the way. We started our trip in late October. So waking up, the weather was cool. Typically in the 50’s, totally isolated, fog on the water, with hot chocolate in my mug and the distinct feeling of tranquility, with our new adventures on the horizon. After a lot of turns, locks, and chart plotting later, we made it to Mobile AL. We continued along the inner coastal waterway, through the Florida pan handle, pass all the popular Florida beaches and cities. We made it to Apalachicola, FL our jumping off location to cross over the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll leave it here, because I don’t want to take up all the blog space. I’m sure she will be a fine boat for you. The interior changes are absolutely wonderful. FYI, we sold her to buy the sailing catamaran. We have a 50′ sailing catamaran in the Virgin Islands, please check out our adventures there, and like us on facebook at Devine Sailing, or
    Capt. Ray


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